Monday, October 7, 2013

Antara Mummy, Mak dan Mama

Ini kisah kami adik beradik. Kisah berkenaan panggilan terhadap bonda terchenta. Panggilan permulaan adalah 'Mak'. Pelopornya adalah abang saya yang sulung. Tapi bila dia masuk sekolah tadika, che'gu pulak cakap omputeh, dan bila parents datang che'gu tu cakap 'looks whose mummy coming', panggilan 'Mak' bertukar ke 'Mummy', which telah kami adik beradik gunakan for at least 10 tahun.

Then, dengan kemunculan adik perempuan pertama saya, dia dengan tak semena-mena, tukar balik panggilan tu kepada 'Mak' (walaupun orang lain panggil bonda 'Mummy'). Dan panggilan 'Mak' tu lekat pulak walaupun kami 3 beradik yang sulung dah panggil bonda as 'Mummy' selama ni.

Akhirnya, muncullah adik saya yang bongsu. Panggilan bertukar sekali lagi. Sekarang ni jadi 'Mama' pulak. Ketiga-tiga panggilan masih digunakan, tapi 'Mummy' tersangatla rare sekarang. Hanya abah yang guna most of the time. Yang kami 5 beradik ni bercampur-campur aduk panggilannya. Tapi tak kisahlah kan, asalkan maksudnya sampai. Boleh pulak macam tu kan? Hehe... :p

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Birthday ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Yesterday was March 17, and it's the day my brother turned 20(;゜0゜) I can't believe he's 20 already. Time move so fast -_-;;

When we were younger, we are the best buddy. We tell secrets to each other, even when the secret is about our crushes. Being kids, even when we promise not to tell, my mother always be the next person to know.

He use to be a timid person when I'm the outspoken one. Then he started going to school and suddenly, he become the outspoken one while I grew timid. I have extremely Low self esteem for quite a long period of time, so I depended a lot on him during that. He grew frustrated about it a lot of time, especially when I need him to become my mouth in public. But I'm really thankful that he still help me, eventhough he's reluctant at times.

We do lots of crazy stuff together, mainly because we are close in age, and my older brother prefer to spend his time reading, and he's not as crazy as both of us. And me being the older one, and the more adventerous one, I always become the mastermind(even in the rare occasion  when my older brother join us). Put us in a room together, we'll come up with something crazy to do.

Our favourite was pretense fight. We make up rules along the way, which include things like 'no biting' and 'no tickling'. Often, it will end up with real fights, and one of us will end up crying.

I bully him a lot, and thinking back, some of the stuff I did to him is really dangerous! I'm glad that he's still well and alive nowadays. The bullying stop as we get older, since he grow bigger and along with it, he also got a terrible temper sometimes ;p

Eventhough I'm the leader of us two, my brother is the one who got hurt most of the time. Once, while wearing my school uniform, I tried to show him how I jump onto the sofa. And eventhough I told him to stay by the sofa, he followed me while I run. I don't know what happen, but we were too close together, I accidently tripped him and he fell, hitting his head on the corner tile by the wall, leaving a deep hole on his forehead. I was really scared and try to wash the blood away, but he was crying so much I had to call my mom who worked an hour drive away from our house. I went to school with blood on my uniform that day. To this day, it still leave a visible scar.

But I'm really glad that even to this day, we're still close. He's the only one of my siblings that I could talk comfortably to. So no matter how old you get, I hope I can still count on you, brother. And you can count on me too. But don't ask for money. I don't have much(ーー;)

My last wish: Wish you a really HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May Allah bless you Always!!

Roger and out~

Thursday, March 14, 2013

My SisTer( ̄▽ ̄)

I have 2 younger sisters. Both of them are adorable, and both of them are annoying at times, like all female siblings you people out there have.

My youngest sister is the apple of the family eyes. She's adorable, and cheeky. She pick up the way the adult around her talk. Often, it sound funny coming out of a 5 years old mouth. For example, the way she response while watching the news with one of my aunt, where a man got stuck in a machine.
"Tersepit mesin? Ish bahaya tu..."

My other younger sister is 14. She's great at art, doing craft, painting, doing that kind of stuff. I was 10 and my younger brother was 6 when she was born. My older brother was away at a boarding school. So she spent pretty much of her time doing things on her own, as me and my younger brother were to big to play with babies, but too young to appreciate babies cuteness :)

Surprisingly, spending lots of her time watching cartoon, my sister started speaking english, to the point that a lot of Malay words confuse her. She often ignore my grandmother as she didn't understand a word my grandmother was saying, as she was speaking in dialect.My grandmother was talking to her one day and she turned to my mother, asking, "is she talking to me?"

It is really funny most of the time. She speaks Malay now, but has an annoying habit of not being able to concentrate when people are talking. Just the other day, I opened a youtube video on her laptop, and left it to do my prayer. And we got into a funny and frustating conversation:

"Adik, jangan tutup video yang kakak bukak dekat laptop hang."
"Kakak bukak video kat laptop hang, jangan tutup."
"Ha?" Again -_-;;
"Kakak bukak video youtube dekat laptop hang. Jangan tutup"
"Eh, adik xde bukak youtube"
At this point, I was getting angry, so I shouted,
"Kakak yang bukak!"
And then, came her response,
"Oh, oh. Ok. Tutupkan video youtube yang hang bukak tu?"

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Late Raya stories

Raya this year had been a hectic time for me and my family. And tiring too. Me and my family, minus my dad who is no longer working in KL or Putrajaya area, but in Kedah instead, left our home before Subuh on the 16th, so that we can spend at least one day breaking fast with my grandmother. We arrive at my grandmother's house in Perak around noon. Luckily, some of my aunties and uncles were already there, so it save us from the task of cleaning the house, since it was empty most of the time and was only filled with people on some special occasion like 'kenduri' or Raya. Well, we did break fast with our grandmother that day, and also  spend time making 'lemang' and gear box soup, but the next day, we left Perak and head for Kedah. Because of my dad work and position, we had to spend our second year celebrating the first Raya morning in Kedah, since my dad had to attend the Raya celebration in Perlis. Unlike the year before, the whole family had to attend. My sister had fun trying the bouncy slide and also had her first experience trying the Zorb, much to the dismay of my brother as he was the one who had to accompany her inside the ball. It was hot and stuffy, and my sister refused to stand up inside the ball, which resulted in very comical situation as she bounced around inside the ball everytime my brother move it forward.

My sister getting out of the Zorb ball. Didn't look too happy.

We head back to Perak on the same evening, and the second and the third Raya were spend in Perak. On the fourth day, we head to my aunty's house in Juru, Penang, this time a relative of my mother. However, our first destination was Kulim, Kedah as a close aunt of my mother's already prepared a feast for us, and was eagerly waiting for us. We arrived with the food already waiting, finish it all of and head to Juru. The fourth Raya was quite relaxing, except for my parents as they head back to Perak for a wedding. We left for my dad house that night, and spend our time there until Saturday, as my youngest sister, who is really close to my dad, had a few times voice her dissatisfaction that we don't spend enough time at my dad house. She was really happy, especially as my dad was also on leave. The last few times we went visiting my dad, he was always busy with his work.

So, in short, Raya is really happy times, especially since it was hard to meet with all of my relatives on other times, but I definitely didn't wish to go through the same tiring situation again, running back and forth like that.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Electronic Accident?

It seem like I'm prone to breaking electronic dropping them...=_=,,,
For some reason, I always dropped the electronic items I'm holding. So far I'd managed to break my hand phone, twice, and my iPod touch after dropping them for so many times.

My hand phone is now is in a working order, although it cost me quite a lot for the repair. And I still drop it sometimes.

My iPod, on the other hand, is too expensive to be repaired...

I almost dropped my friend PSP a few times while playing it, and also my mom iPod...So now, I'm wondering...


Thursday, June 21, 2012

AFA 2012:Post No.2

As I promise, this post is solely for the reason for me to show some pictures I took during AFA, and a little rambling. First, I don't recognize all anime character I saw there, hence the lack of caption. but I saw some of my favourite, like Fairytail, Vampire Knight and Final Fantasy. I love anime involving a lot of action, fighting, magic and stuff.

People who don't watch anime are saying that since it's cartoon, it's only for kids. And it have lots of bad elements. But who say that cartoon is only for kids? and there're different kind of anime, and not all are suitable for kids. About the bad elements, I cannot deny that, but almost everything have some bad elements in it. You have to be smart with your choice, isn't it?

Celebrity cosplayer from Korea

Sakura n Shaoran - Cardcaptor Sakura
I don't know which anime, a variation maybe?

No Face from Spirited Away
Gray n Juvia - Fairytail...
Gray is my favourite character

The tall girl is actually a guy,
but I totally fell in love with the dress.
Cute doll, wish I have one..

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Anime Festival Asia 2012

Hello! Hello!

So long since I last visited this blog, mainly because nothing interesting happened in my life lately, and I'm too lazy to write.

But, something interesting happened to me a few weeks ago, so I'm gonna share that. I found a friend who has about all the same interest with me, so when she asked if I want to join her to AFA, I jumped at that opportunity. I've been a fan of anime and Japan since I was in school, but I'm always on my own, so no chance to go to such event. And since it is a great opportunity, I was thinking, 'Why not?'.

We have great time there. Thousand of people cosplaying without looking out of place, make me feel like I want to do it too. Sadly, not enough time for preparation. Maybe next time? I took some pictures of the cosplayer; you could just ask them to pose for you and they will do it. My friend and her boyfriend were cosplaying as maid and butler, and got their picture taken for quite a few times.

No picture in this post though, because I'm too lazy to upload the pictures, so I'll do it in my next post...

Till next time,